Doing Business

Sale of Israeli goods and services in Western Europe and the United States is being alleged cultural transparency between representatives of Middle eastern cultureĀ and their counterparts in the West.
Often there is a culture gap in cases where Israeli representative mistakenly assumes that there is no problem to fit in, and that “everything will be fine” as it progresses. In the US there is also medical problems: Common health problems, like getting rid of hemorrhoids, cannot be acquired without expensive medical treatment.
Do-theory and don’ts “, is this platform that creates long-term business between people and companies.
Therefore it is important to use a local partner often easily mediator cultural and language gaps in some Western countries.

* US
* Hosts usually prefer business with confidence, goal-oriented meetings which involve them in the preparation and planning, and always keep in mind that here time is money.
It will involve all the beautiful cover of manners and culture of speech.
However, here there is actually a linguistic openness and lack of formality: a man is a man.
* Italy
* We recommend the negligent performance that could not provoke a negative impression of hard and mistrust.
* Italian tends to hold a meeting in which negotiation becomes official if the meeting is Tobh.ihd However as part of the tactics to be expected for a revision of the “last minute” agreements.
* Surprisingly, it was the Italians should avoid talking with hands because traffic might accidentally make a significant and negative affects.
* UK
* It is important to speak English fluently both calls and advertising materials. Langley has a respect for tradition and a tendency to be conservative in business and therefore also prefer to carry out their business with existing customers or through marketing and local distributors.
* After a meeting it is important to send a summary and head words of thanks to the host, and construed subject impolite.
* Context characterized by politeness, listening, speaking quietly and use of understatement (understatement) and indirect messages and an explicit.
* Germany
* Use of first names is not accepted as part of Askit.bslb introduction to a new person is important to note all the adjectives, starting with Mr. or Mrs. to the title Dr. or Professor.
In Germany, as expected, it will be important to begin and end meetings on time and is also important that a will has other cultural things as they are: facts and examples, as well as tools and data that will enable it to analyze the information.
* It is important not to negotiate a contract was signed, since it creates suspicion insincerity.
* Spain
* It is important to remember that the pace of work, is slow in Israel is not used to it.
Schedule is very flexible to making “immediate actions” within a month. However the Spanish city expects that the meeting start time.
Lunch was also 3 hours and are considered to be the right opportunity to establish business relationship but only towards the end of the meal.
* Spain is especially recommended to operate through a local agent to bridge the differences in language and mentality.
* Netherlands
* It is customary to make appointments for weeks or even months in advance, which no after. Meeting ends on time even if started late.
* It is highly recommended to attend the meeting in formal dress, including a jacket and tie.
* Prepare for sharp criticism and honest and respond in a practical manner and host open to criticism and willing to accept it.
* The Dutch will know that the product or service that guests suggest there are benefits to environmental protection.
* Finally, to compliment the Dutch-it makes them feel uncomfortable.
* France
* The process of doing business is Aiti.rtzoi arrive on time if that may be a delay on the part of the host and without explanation.
The meeting should take out a suit and tie as the hosts will want to know you personally and what you represent.
* Recommended presentation at the first meeting, but acceptance of a bid may take months, and pressure can not be useful.
* French loyal to their vendors constant maintenance of quality, service and price.
* Care Contact lunch is recommended and can achieve significant gains.
In general, although the West is closely similar to handball and culture are just generally want to bind with local companies through a local contact that allows the transfer of the right message and the right timing.
Remember, mistakes made at the first meeting with a potential ally almost can not be bridged and repair that does not exist another chance.