Student Jobs, Better for Students Than Employers

While the employers get students looking for graduate jobs incoming like a swarm they get the oppurtunity to be choosy when deciding who they hire because every student needs a job to help finance their career. But many of these pass up on this oppurtunity to be picky and just hire the first student that comes through the door because they don’t want to spend the effort to get the best employee. So maybe they are getting the short end of the stick by means of self harm. Since they aren’t willing to spend the man power to get the best employee they often time end up with an employee that quits a week later because they didn’t actually want to work and were just doing it because it was convenient at the time. So after they waste all that time and money training the person they lose it when he quits the job after a week. So maybe they should be more choosy since they are given the oppurtunity.

But the students get one of the best deals ever, not only do they get a job very easily they also get job security because the company only pays about half of the students salary so they are most likely to keep you around longer than normal employees that have to get paid full price. So you get job security as well as employers jumping at the chance to have them work for you. So what could be better than this deal that the government has worked out with all the universities. It is a fantastic deal for both the student and the company if they actually take the time to be choosy about who they hire. I just can not fathom how they go about not taking the time to get the best possible employee.

Saved Up Enough for a Down Payment

Red Deer -I really do not care for my job while I am out in the bush, but it is paying a good bit of money and I am looking for small houses in red deer right at this point in time. I pretty much have a great job so far as pay and benefits and time off go, but actually doing it is another story. You spend two weeks out in the middle of nowhere and then you get a week off. Tomorrow I am going back on. I will get in my truck at around 2 AM in the morning and drive for about five and a half hours. I make sure to carry plenty of stuff with me in case of emergency. I always carry my rifle and enough tools to get out of trouble.

Sound Check: DJ Equipment Essentials

DJ EquipmentIf you are looking to become a successful professional DJ, then it is important for your DJ kit to have all required equipment. When it comes to becoming, a professional DJ not all DJ equipment are required necessities. One can buy different equipment based on different levels of demand for DJ service. Below are some essential DJ must-haves if you’re going to be a pro.

It is old fashioned but most of the DJ depends on it even today, the turntable is important equipment to have to do your track mixes. Modernization does introduce laptop for mixing. One can choose either laptops or turntables for mixing as per one’s ability and comfort. Turntable allows a DJ to come up with good mixes quickly. Therefore, it is one of the important DJ equipment to have.

DJ headphones
DJ headphones are quite different from ordinary headphones. Headphones are necessarily required DJ equipment. Headphones allow you as a DJ to recognize your mixes easily and check for a beating. They also helpful for checking how your mix sounds and are highly effective to hear every sound, beat and instrument.

Speakers and amplifiers
For one with low budgets, speakers can be bought with built-in amplifiers. However if you have the budget then setting up a traditional system for a DJ with speakers and amplifiers, one can easily construct a high quality DJ system. Buying amplifier along with a set of speakers helps generate clear and high quality sound. Therefore buying a separate amplifier along with speakers is the best choice to consider.

The mixer is the most important equipment, which plays the lead role in DJ system. With the help of a mixer, a DJ can create its own great mixer tracks, which can setup mood to party. The reason for hiring different DJs into parties and pubs is mainly their great mixes, which keep the party alive and rocking. As it is the duty of DJ to keep people up on their feet dancing all the time, mixer helps create a list of great dance tracks, which can be played continuously.

Dual audio
Mash-ups are very popular these days and hot product for parties. In order to play two songs simultaneously, it is important for your DJ equipment to have a source for dual audio. With dual audio equipment in your DJ equipment one can easily play dual tracks at different speed. One can also use it to record tracks. It can be easily synced with laptop to save playlists as well as different mixes created.

DJ lights
To improve effectiveness of your DJ, DJ lights are the most popular DJ equipment you can have. The lights for a DJ are very helping to build live dancing atmosphere. DJ lights are the equipment, which can be easily synchronized with different sound tracks to produce amazing light effects. They are very helpful to build up a dancing environment especially at night.

In addition, they are the reasons for success for most DJ’s who are able to produce a great light show along with good mixes and mash-ups. Equipment for DJ are highly advanced to help you play and create tracks quiet easily. However, one must remember, success, as a DJ is highly dependent on a person’s own ability to deliver the performance from DJ equipment.

West is West Review

Ten years after the release of its prequel, East is East, Director De Emmony released its counterpart, simply titled, West is West.

West is West continues on the theme of immigration and its eventual effects on family relations which extends to succeeding generations. The movie reunites most of the cast of characters except for the part of the youngest character, Sajid, who is played by a new actor, Aqib Khan. It picks up where East is East drops off, five years later, and focuses on the adventures of the youngest son.

The story opens with Sajid, who much to his father’s (George) dismay, seems to be transforming into a delinquent. Of course, George doesn’t know that his son is having a troubled time in school. He is misunderstood by the teachers and gets bullied by mean boys. At home, he is constantly subjected to the shouting sessions given by his father. So, how does he cope? He ends up cursing his way along, resorting to stealing stuff and generally acting like the pain in the neck that they make him out to be.

Finally, in desperation, George decides to send him off to Pakistan to learn some values. He hopes that by exposing his son to where he came from, he might get some sense knocked into him. Of course things don’t fold out as simply as George expects. His return to Pakistan and to his family’s old farmhouse forces him to confront the first wife, Basheera, that he left so many years ago to start a new life in another country.

The story continues to present two sub-plots as George re-discovers his native land. One, he has to make amends with what he did to his first family while deciding how to move forward with his second wife, Ella, and his family in England. The second one is the realization that his actions have ill-effects on his children’s lot on life. It surprised him to realize that the reason his older son, Maneer, is considered an unpopular marriage choice is because of his second marriage. His decision to marry an English woman and lead an inter-ethnic lifestyle has stained his son’s future.

Of the different storylines that the movie presents, the one that is mostly affecting is the confrontation between the two wives as they recognize their similar lot in life and the reality that in the end, their husband can never be fully devoted to just one of them. Preferring to use heartfelt discussions in place of verbal outbursts, the movie successfully conveys the notion that the two women, while coming from different backgrounds and cultures, share a dignified reaction to a difficult situation.

In the end, Sajid is finally enlightened and Maneer eventually gets chosen as a marriage partner but the heart of the movie that stays with a viewer long after the credits have been shown are the scenes between the wives and their portrayal and acceptance of a mature form of love.